Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011

Donate to Rumah Aman


Rumah aman. Seperti entry WW:Rumah Aman, kali ini nuffnang telah membuat kempen untuk nuffnungers bersama2 donate kat rumah aman seperti entry ini.

Rumah aman memerlukan peruntukan untuk membaikpulih kemudahan rumah tersebut. So, marilah sesama kt hulurkan derma kepada Rumah Aman. Sikit-sikit lama-lama jadilah bukit!

Cara-caranya seperti di bawah..

- Log in to your Nuffnang account and head on over to http://www.nuffnang.com.my/tlc-2011/
- Select the amount that you wish to donate from your Nuffnang earnings (you can choose from RM 1, RM 5 or RM 10)
- Hit the submit button, and you’re done!


- Via Maybank2U
You can make a direct donation to Rumah Aman (Shah Alam) at 562106720433 with the remark:
"Nuffnang TLC Promise Me S2". Kindly send a screenshot of the transfer to tlcpromiseme@nuffnang.com after you're done, so that we can verify the transfer and arrange for your tax deduction receipt to be delivered to you!


- Adopt a Churpie
Love the adorable Churp Churp mascot? You can get one today from Churp Churp, and all profits from the sale of Churpies will go towards the Promise Me pledge as well! Head on here to find out how.

Rumah Aman

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