Khamis, 4 Ogos 2011


Challenge your creativity today with a NESCAFE can to be in the running for RM10,000! #NescafeChilllah

Your artistic scribbles & doodles could win you RM 10,000!

Are you a Picasso or a Warhol? How about you express your artistic abilities, see it printed nationwide, and stand a chance to win RM 10,000? Nescafé Chill-lah wants you to design their can! Imagine Malaysians drinking their morning coffees and lattes from a tin can designed by you! Cool huh?

Using the augmented reality element, you will be able to see your design imposed as how it would like in reality! And then see your art come to life as it is printed nationwide as a limited edited series! Hurry and get your creative juices flowing now!

piEcE of mE~

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