Sabtu, 26 Mac 2011

jom join mini contest 'PRECIOUS HUMAIRAH IN THE HOUSE' ~sticky post

Semperna Opening Sales
Mama Humairah nak wat Mini Contest.


Just 5 Step :
1. Buat Sticky Post till 25 Mac 2011 Title "Precious Humairah In The House" and jgn lupa link sekali ~DONE

2. Be followers Precious Humairah In The House ~DONE

3. Letakkan photo 'Mama & Baby' . jgn lupa details : baby's name, date of birth, age ~DONE

4. Tag 3 of your friends ~DONE

5. Leave ur link at comments box ~DONE

Prize :

1. Surprise!!!!
2. Baucer Pembelian RM 30 @ Precious Humairah In The House
3. Baucer Pembelian RM 20 @ Precious Humairah In The House
ade saguhati jgak!

mama...fya love mama
*letak pic ni sebab kami sama ada double chin & pipi tombam haha! like mother like daugther*
baby's name: Aafiya Najya Salwana bt Mohd Najmee
date of birth: 10 Dec 2010

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The bittersweet to remember..
Tq :)

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