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Developmental progress chart


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Developmental progress chart

Every child is different, but this chart gives general milestones in a child's development. The information below lets you know what to expect and will help you record your child's progress.

At 1 month, most children...

Lift head a little when lying on stomach
Watch objects for a short time
Make "noise in throat" sounds
Stay away from annoying sensations such as cloth or blanket on the face

At 2 months, most children...

Hold their head up (bobbing when supported in sitting position)
Sometimes copy or respond to a smiling person
Roll part way to side
Make sounds of discomfort

At 3 months, most children...

Lift head and chest when lying on stomach
Recognize bottle or breast
Smile when talked to
Show active body movement
Follow moving things with their eyes

At 4 months, most children...

Hold head up for a long time without bobbing
Laugh out loud
Roll from front to back
Like to play
Grab an object held near their hand
Make sounds when talked to

At 6 months, most children...

Sit with little support
Respond to a friendly voice with a smile or coo
Roll from back to stomach
Turn and look at sounds
Change object from hand to hand and from hand to mouth

At 9 months, most children...

Sit alone and change position
Say "mama" and "papa"
Respond to people they know
Respond to their name

At 12 months, most children...

Pull themselves to stand and may step with support
Can nod their head to signal "yes"
Give love
Pick things up with thumb and one finger
Say two or three words

At 15 months, most children...

Walk without support
Do some self-feeding
Speak and make their voice go up and down
Drink from a cup held by someone
Use four or five words

At 18 months, most children...

Walk (may run a bit)
Use five to ten words
Climb up or down one stair
Pull toys that have wheels
Mark on paper with crayons
Understand easy directions

At 2 years, most children...

Give toys when asked
Recognize a familiar picture and know if it is upside down
Kick large ball
Turn pages in a book (two or three at a time)
Use two or three words together, such as "more juice"

At 3 years, most children...

Walk up stairs holding railing
Unbutton large buttons
Stand for a moment on one foot
Talk of toilet needs
Open doors
Stack objects by size
Ask and answer simple questions
Speak clearly and are understood by family members

At 4 years, most children...

Can hop in place
Throw a ball above their head
Wash hands without help
Copy a circle
Begin to play with other children
Know their own sex, age, last name
Answer out loud to "Hi" and "How are you?"
Point to six basic colors when asked

At 5 years, most children...

Run on tiptoe
Understand yesterday and tomorrow
Print a few capital letters
Know their name in print
Use sentences with correct grammar, such as, "May I go to the store?" or "I want a big cookie."
Play together with others
Put their shoes on the correct feet


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