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-skin dEtox programmE-


MOOR (that is derived from glaciers that are more than 3000 years old)
Hydro-micro Alga (H-mA)
a base that is imported from Europe
the Eumora bar is a fast effective bar that gives you beautiful skin

~ Eumora is created from 95% active ingredients & most skincare products are made from 70% water

~Eumora bar can treat, improve and heal all skin types to return you to baby smooth skin + a true solution for anti aging, this facial bar brings healing from the inside out.

~Therapeutic Properties of Moor revealed from research conducted throughout Europe over the past 50 years:-

> Bio-Available
> Antiseptic
> Detoxifying
> Anti-Inflammatory
> Ion-Exchanging

~noticEd d bEnEfits!

> Firms, lifts & put a shine on their face

> Tightens & closes up their facial pores

> Deep cleansing ~ Removes free radicals & toxins from the face & replenishes it with the right nutrients

> Fast, effective & safe

> Transcends all skin types, even if they have sensitive skin.

> Every wash rejuvenates the facelike a 'spa' treatment

> Brings balance to skin ~ oily skin becomes less oily and dry skin less dry

> Gives their face a natural, healthy pinkish radiance

> Makes the skin feel baby smooth

> Lightens pigmentation & freckles

> Natural moisturising effect on the face after every wash

> Save money on toner, moisturizer,f acial & make up

> Works equally well as a shampoo as it helps scalp become healthier & helps hair to become soft & shiny

> May also be used as an aftershavefor a smoother shave

piEcEs of mE~

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